Lavender Deluxe Pedicure

Beautify your feet and release all of your tension. Your feet are soaked in

our aroma therapeutic bath and gently exfoliated with lavender sugar scrub.

Your cuticles are perfected, your feet and calves are massaged, and your nails are clipped, reshaped, buffed and/or polished.

 Pomegranate Deluxe Pedicure

This fruity and crisp spa indulgence will beautifully soothe your skin and boldly

stimulate your senses! This truly exotic experience pairs the potent anti-oxidant pomegranate and lime. First placing your feet in an invigorating pomegranate line foot soak. A gentle-exfoliating

pomegranate lime sugar cane scrub, followed by refreshing moisture mash and a hot stone

massage with rich pomegranate lime therapy lotion leaving your feet feeling renewed and smoothed

Chocolate Deluxe Pedicure  

         A luxurious cocoa milk bath will warm your feet and heart w

ith its delicious aromatic scent.

Your feet will be treated with an exfoliating chocolate scrub

giving them a refreshed and radiant glow.